Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Check That Label! Or, How to Detox Your Pink Ribbon Purchases

We have already spotlighted Glamour Gone Good and EcoStiletto as good sources of anti-pinkwashing product info, now check out this article from the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics. They provide a quick rundown of the nasty, potentially cancer-causing chemicals that many pink ribbon products contain. Use it to educate yourself and your loved ones on what to avoid. 

Friday, October 14, 2011

Pink Is SO Your Color

Ever wondered when (or why?) the color pink became associated with females in the first place? More importantly, have you ever considered the implications of gender-specific colors? I know I have, and the ubiquitous pink ribbon of this month reminded me once again. I happen to like pink, generally, and certain shades look pretty darn good on me. What I don't like, however, is the near-vilification of the color because of its direct and automatic association with girls and women. When so many males take issue with making pink part of their wardrobe or instinctively veto any products or objects bearing this particular hue, women should rightly take some offense. After all, what's so wrong with "looking like a girl?" Are females so unacceptable and subpar that men feel compelled to refuse any signifiers that may feminize them to some degree--even if that signifier is wholly socially constructed? I also find it interesting that the color blue, directly and automatically associated with boys and men, really carries no such stigma. (I also happen to like blue, by the way.) With these thoughts in mind, I came across this article from Smithsonian Magazine that traces the history of children's clothing and its relationship to gender identity.

Shop Smart for Those Pink Ribbon Products

We all know October means Breast Cancer Awareness Month, but it also means pink ribbon-adorned products everywhere you look. Unfortunately, so many companies have jumped on the pink bandwagon that the market has become flooded with options, many of which are not good ones. Some are even downright counterproductive to cancer prevention. Just as "greenwashing" has become a buzzword, "pinkwashing" should be on everybody's lips this month. EcoStiletto has some wise words on this issue as well as some pink ribbon purchases you can feel good about!