Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Will Wonder Woman Still Be Wonderful for Today's Girls?

You've probably heard that well-known TV series creator David E. Kelley is hard at work on a reboot of the 70s pop culture classic Wonder Woman. If so, you've probably also heard all the negative buzz surrounding this new version. People have been particularly critical of Kelley's choice of actress (who has the difficult task of filling Lynda Carter's famous red boots) and of the re-design of her iconic superhero(ine) garb. Click here to view a slideshow of her many incarnations as well as some interesting backstory on the character. As a kid, I always enjoyed watching Carter fight the bad guys and look good doing it. I have very positive memories of that show. The world of superheroes is unquestionably male-dominated, so Wonder Woman helps to fill a void in the minds of little girls. She becomes problematic only when more attention is paid to her somewhat revealing crime-fighting outfit than to the development of her as a character. Hopefully, the modern take will recognize this and continue to portray her as a positive figure for both girls and boys. 

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