About Smart Women

Tired of yet another ode to the latest stiletto styles? One more article touting the newest "it" bag? Lost count of the columns proclaiming "50 Ways to Snag Your Soulmate"? Smart women know these aren't the only things we like to wrap our heads around. That's why this blog provides substantive content on social issues, women's health, politics, work life, the arts, and more topics that matter to us.

Each day we are bombarded with messages about women and for women. Unfortunately, so many are negative, misleading, or even downright disrespectful and abusive. These messages inevitably shape our viewpoints regarding the appropriate concerns and social roles for women. These may take the form of trivialities such as shoes, bags, and the like. They may take the form of outmoded and stereotypical interests that do not reach beyond the realms of housework, childcare, and physical appearance. While any of these things can be perfectly innocuous on their own, women must realize that they are not limited to the tasks, opportunities, and roles that society prescribes for them.

It is with this idea in mind that Smart Women strives to present women-centered subject matter that is positive and broad-based. The goal is to remind women that our minds, bodies, and hearts should never be constrained by the expectations of society. We're all capable of thinking and being so much more! Love and peace to all the Smart Women out there.